Friday, April 29, 2011

Make Up Day!

So, if you've been following along you may remember there was a day that I was supposed to post a picture and a letter, but I said the topic needed to wait.  Well, that's because I was going to write a little note to my future niece/nephew that no one knew about until recently. So here it goes....

Dear Baby Karr,

This will be my first time being an auntie, but don't worry, I am fully prepared to spoil you like crazy!  I am also fully prepared to teach you to root for the Packers, Badgers, and even though this may be a rough 2011 season I will still teach you to root for the Beavs (except when they play the Badgers, you always root for the Badgers over all other college teams!).  I'm also taking  up a new pass time to make you a little something for when you are born.  Hopefully I can make your great-grandma Schindler proud (I may need to cross my fingers through the entire process!). I will also be the cool auntie who teaches you how to cook tasty treats and about nature and how to make mud pies in the summer and let them bake in the sun (your grandma taught me how to make those!).  But don't worry, I know how to make real food too.  Especially sweets!  If you're lucky you'll inherit your mom's sweet tooth and your dad's liking of fitness and his metabolism so you can work off all the yummy cookies and cupcakes I make you :o)  I'm not going to lie, you're pretty lucky to have me for an aunt.  But, I think I'll be even more lucky and happy to have you as a niece or nephew.  See you in 7-ish months!


Auntie Rebecca

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