Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 16: A Picture of Someone Who Inspires You

I find that I am inspired quite easily and by the littlest things.  Seeing others perform acts of kindness is a big one, or people overcoming huge obstacles.  I guess right now I've been thinking more about the latter of the two.

As many of you probably know, my cousin Louie is in an intensive rehab clinic after sustaining a severe head trauma. It's more unfortunate than I can put into words that this happened to him, but we can't turn back time and I am so proud of him for fighting so hard and all the people who are supporting him.  Hearing his progress has made my heart so happy, ever since the day they woke him from coma.  When my family posts on Facebook or calls to tell me how their visit with him went I get so inspired because he is fighting a harder fight than I've encountered in my life and he's totally kicking ass at it!  The last update I heard was on Facebook from his dad that Louie was able to put a sentence together, Woot!  I am also inspired by the people who came together for his benefit last weekend to help raise money for his recovery.  I was told there was an estimated 400-500 people at least!  It makes me so happy to know that so many people care about him; I know that kind of energy from a group of people that large has to send some good healing vibes his way!  I suppose this little blurb really talks about both things that inspire me; acts of kindness, and overcoming obstacles.  The kind of people who come together like this for the love of one person totally rock in my book! And so does the person who everyone cares so much here's to Louie, I see why your friends call you "The Man."

As for today, I am getting really sick of the weather teasing us.  It was 70 degrees last Friday and now we're back in the low 50's.  Really, I just want more sunshine (which we're supposedly getting tomorrow, then more rain) even if it's going to be cold.  I bought new spring/summer flats and capris that are calling my name.  Today has also been an up & down day.  Work was fine and class was fine until 20 min. into my 2 hour lecture when my stomach decided it did not like the turkey sandwich and yogurt I just ate and started twisting.  It felt like my intestines were going to rupture and I was afraid I may start crying or throw up.  I tried deep breathing which didn't do much but minutely distract me from the pain.  It went away once I got home and layed down.  Then I hit the garden for some heavy labor and an awesome work out; I will have a body of steal if I keep this up!  Probably not if I keep following it up with pizza like I did tonight, but I was a starvin' Marvin and starvin' Marvins don't like to cook, they just want to eat :o)  Happy (almost) Friday!

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