Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 15: A Picture of Something You'd Like to Do Before You Die

Oh boy, I know I'd like to travel outside the United States, but that will likely happen when I'm much older.  A part of me would also love to study other cultures' nutrition and traditions relating to food hands on.  My career goals tend to change a little every now and then.  First I wanted to focus on fitness nutrition.  Currently I want to specialize in diabetes care and it's relationship with obesity.  I'd also love to help promote gardening in private and public schools.  I'm currently working on a gardening project with young adults and think it's an important tool to teach kids and teenagers so they can start making healthy decisions on their own and possibly influence what their family eats at home.  For a while I've thought research didn't sound like my cup of tea, but now I think after I get several years of experience under my belt and hopefully have a family started research would be cool.  I also wouldn't mind teaching in my later years; maybe after researching.  And then there's that book I kind of want to write...And all those insurance companies that need to be convinced to add RD's to their list of health care professionals they will cover.  I've got a busy life ahead of me! Because I think nutrition is so awesome and cool, I am really excited to devote many of my years to it fully.  I find it exciting, invigorating, and refreshing; all the things I'd want in a career!  So now a picture to represent all of this...
A garden I might help implement at a school

Low GI foods for diabetics

Yay! We're low GI foods!  We're so tasty :o)

Some kids I might work with in another country

This is me doing research...probably not as a blonde, though.

Kids I might teach one day!

And of course that family I said I wanted...notice I also plan to lose weight before I die ;o)
Well, it's Monday and I have a surprisingly high level of energy right now.  I guess the weekend went by so fast I didn't have time to fall out of my usual groove!  I got a couple hours of work done, no gym today because that hike yesterday irritated my Baker's Cyst in my knee.  All that's left to do is study chemistry before lecture later today and get some food cuz I'm Starvin' Marvin'!  Happy Monday :o)

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