Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 21: A Picture of Something You Wish You Could Forget

To be honest, there are a few situations from my freshman year of college I wish I could forget.  I'll also be honest in saying my freshman year of college was a big 'ol crapshoot.  I got way too involved in the social scene of college life and my school work got pushed to the side.  When I look back on that year, I say to myself, "who was that person?"  I am generally a far more responsible person than I was at any instance that year.

However, as much as I regret a lot of my decisions from that year, if things hadn't happened as they had, I would not be here in Oregon enjoying life as much as I am.  Sure, I would probably have my bachelors degree finished and likely almost done with my master's, but I think I'm much more happy with the way things are now.  When I hear people talk about their college experience, I can tell that some of them didn't really get much out of it except a degree.  They didn't get involved in clubs or volunteer, or get really great life experiences out of it; and you can usually tell that they just wanted to get through it and be done without enjoying any of the extras.  Well I feel like if I had made better choices and stayed at UWSP I would have had an experience like that.  At OSU, I feel like I'm getting the opposite.  I absolutely love it here and feel this was definitely the right school for me; I'm involved in clubs and get volunteer work in, plus I'm working on an awesome research project with an awesome group of people and getting some great life experience from it.

So, all in all, there were many downsides to that year, but I'm glad they happened and lead me to where I am today :o)

I don't have any pictures to really represent this, so here's one from my weekend which I will talk a bit about.
Me, Grandpa, and Buster
After a very stressful couple of weeks, I found out last Tuesday that I was going to fly back home for the weekend :o)  I had an awesome time!  I had Easter at Grandma Rau's on Saturday filled with lots of great food and tons of laughs.  I even had an egg to search for filled with candy :o)  I got to see one of my favorite people in the whole world, Maggie :o)  Then, I went on a bike ride Sunday morning in lieu of church.  I feel much more connected when I'm outdoors with just my thoughts.  Then it was off to Aunt Jayne's for even more food and laughs.  I saw some family I hadn't seen in a while.  Someone counted and said we were only missing 13 of the 83 Schindlers, pretty good turnout!  The next couple days were spent with my family, grandparents, and Maggie.  I also went to check out my mom's new calf barn.  It's all computerized and keeps track of how often and how much milk each calf is eating.  And when a calf that already drank it's daily limit tries to eat more, it doesn't dispense.  There are four pens where the calves get to run around and they have balls to play with and when it's time to eat, they all line up until it's their turn at the feeder!  I got to fly back to Oregon with my sister, which made the fact that our flight was delayed almost two hours a bit more bearable.  I spent all day Wednesday catching up on Chemistry and today I will be making up my Biopsych exam, so it's a pretty easy catch up :o)  My only complaint is that this is the third day in a row that I've been wide awake before 6am, jet lag!  BUT, it's the weekend again and next weeks weather is looking pretty promising; lots of sunshine and almost 70 degrees with only a couple days of rain :o)

So, I think you can tell by the amount of smiley faces in that paragraph that I had a great time! :o)  Happy Weekend!

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