Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 14: A Picture of Someone You Could Not Imagine Your Life Without

Not only are my parents genetically responsible for creating me, but they're also partly responsible for shaping me into who I've become.  Now that I am at a mature age, I can honestly say my parents are pretty much always right.  I think back to some of the arguments I remember having with them when I was an unruly teenager and realize they were right all along!  One argument I remember quite vividly was my dad telling me I didn't have my priorities straight and telling me what they should be.  Well, guess what?  My priorities have changed and they're pretty much exactly what he said they should be!

My parents are very kind and generous people, a few traits I know I've picked up by their example.  I remember my mom always cooking for a family who was going through a hard time.  Either they'd lost a family member, someone was having a medical procedure done, or anything else that can be a hardship for a family.  I mentioned this idea to my boss once when a coworker of mine was being hospitalized and had a family at home.  My boss didn't really seem to think it was necessary.  I was a little surprised at first, but simply explained it's "what we do" where I'm from.  My parents have also been generous in donating to "good causes" that come their way.  They always support any high school student selling things or donate to foundations such as Parkinson's.

I've also had the pleasure of watching them run the farm together and how they treat their employees.  Neither of them sits on a high horse; their employees are treated with respect and honesty.  I've been told by several of my ex coworkers that I always seem calm even when I've got a million things happening; or I've actually had a resident say having me at work is "like a breath of fresh air."  I think I get this part of my character from my dad.  I've learned from him that it doesn't do any good to get worked up especially if there's a job to be done.  Just stay calm, keep pushing, and eventually everything will get done.

I also owe my parents a TON of gratitude for helping me out when I moved to Oregon.  The move would not have been successful without their help and I am absolutely loving it out here (but for those wondering, no, I do not plan on living here forever!).  I love being at OSU and have had so many great opportunities presented to me, I couldn't ask for a better college experience right now!  I've gotten used to the small town vibe again, the campus is beautiful, and I've really been getting everything I ever wanted from a college experience and I owe a big thanks to my parents for all of it; I wouldn't be here without them!

Today I ventured out for my first hike since moving down here.  I decided to play it safe and go with the hike with the lowest climb height of 800 feet and boy am I glad I did!  I thought my lungs were going to explode after the first 10 minutes of steep climb, but only about the first third was steep, the rest was downhill :o)  Although I did almost get lost due to poor directions from the internet, but luckily I only went a quarter mile in the wrong direction.  I've also made the final decision that I am going to chop my giant poof of hair off so it's just touching my shoulders. Very excited for this; I've gotten sick of feeling like I have a blanket over my neck, it's just SO hot!

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