Friday, April 15, 2011

Day20: A Picture of Somewhere You'd Love to Travel

Ok, so I've always wanted to go to Greece.  And then I was dating a guy who has family in Greece...and then I broke up with that now my desire to go to Greece is tainted with memories including him.  Basically, I still really want to go to Greece, but not until my hands are washed clean of said person.

There are so many other places I'd like to go.  Pretty much anywhere in Europe would be awesome.  The romantic in me would love to go to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower.  I also wouldn't mind visiting India sometime. I've been thinking of doing an abroad internship next summer (2012) if I have time for it and think India would be cool.  Plus my friend Alka who is from India has been encouraging me to go.  Besides, it would be cool to see first hand where she comes from and she says her family would help me out whenever I needed it.  (Side note: Alka has been in India since January and I really miss her; cannot wait until June!).

Presently, I would love to go to the Oregon Coast.  I'm itching for some sunshine and a Tillimook ice cream cone.  While the ice cream is ready and waiting, the sunshine is taking it's sweet time showing up.  I love the Oregon coast.  I love it way more than SoCal.  Oregon's coast just has so much more than just sand and ocean. It has rocks and trees and other stuff; just check out the pictures and tell me that's not beautiful!

I also really want to go hike around Crater Lake sometime before I leave Oregon.

I feel like I had a rather productive Friday.  Got a few tasks around the apartment done before my meeting this morning.  Attended said meeting.  Had a great workout at the gym.  Chemistry was interesting; we had a guest lecturer who was talking way above our heads.  I then realized I forgot all about my online lab homework that I then found out was due by 5pm today and I didn't get out of class till 4.  BUT I still got it done with 13 minutes to spare!  AND I got my diet analysis for SDA done and started on the poster for the Hoo-Ha.  Vacuumed my car, got gas, got a few groceries, painted Megan's nails, and currently baking cookies for our all day gardening event tomorrow. We're hitting up opening day of the Farmer's Market (woot!) and then having American Dream pizza while we hear from some local organic gardening experts; should be fun :o) Happy weekend!

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