Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Me, Myself, and I

So, I don't really have any pictures of just me, therefore, I chose one of my siblings and I :o)

I was introduced to this idea of "30 days of blogging" by my cousin, Kalli.  I have always been a much better written communicator than verbal and I've recently felt I needed to reflect on the memories and people in my life.  So, thanks for the idea, Kalli!

~Ten Things About Me~
1.) I love hearing people's memories of their own lives and have had recent occurences where I've thought, "I wonder if this will be one of the things I talk about when I'm 80?"
2.) Even though most of the people I graduated high school with who went on to college are graduated from that too, I am glad to be in school right now because I am doing what I am passionate about.  That being said...
3.) I am highly arroused when in the produce section of the grocery store.
4.) I am equally arroused when I garden and cook with what I've grown with my own two hands (and some help from mother nature!). I feel a great sense of pride when gardening knowing it's nourishing the earth, my body, and helping the economy.
5.) I am not afraid of water, but will panic if in water deep enough that I cannot touch the bottom and still have my head above the surface.
6.) I LOVE that I grew up on a farm :o)
7.) I set a goal for myself to help me learn to control my sweet tooth.  I was allowed to eat dark chocolate everday, but any other sweets just once a week.  I failed the first day.  However, a few of my family members reafirmed to me that IT'S IN OUR BLOOD :o)  (I think all you Schindler's reading this will agree!)
8.) I am extremely excited to become a Registered Dietitian and teach people that FOOD IS MEDICINE!  There are so many diseases and conditions that can be prevented just by eating a balanced, varied, and adequate diet; 30% of deaths related to cancer could be prevented with nutrition & exercise therapy!
9.) I've found that a good dance party in front of my mirror can cure the blues; music heals my soul.
10.) I feel that the people in my life are like beautiful, rare treasures I've aquired on my journey through life.  Each is unique and different and has their own quirks and place in my heart.
I'm going to cheat and add in a #11:  I talk a lot with my hands; I got this from my mother.  She told me that her mom once told her that if they tied my mom's hands down she probably wouldn't be able to speak.  The other day I was working at the garden and was shaking straw to make paths.  I was talking to the person working with me and kept stopping what I was doing to talk.  I could tell this person was slightly annoyed that I kept stopping, but it honestly was harder to tell my story without the use of my hands!
This is a link to the garden project I'm working on!


  1. Ha! Figured it out! First comment! Wah-hoo! :)

  2. Love this idea- and I'd *totally* love to read a paper on #8...what does that say about ME?!? roflol

  3. I've actually toyed with the idea of creating a blog with what I've learned in my nutrition class. I just don't feel comfortable doing that since it's giving health advice and I'm not exactly credentialed to do that yet.