Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 5: My Favorite Memory

Since I was a kid, at every Schindler wedding (and there have been A LOT) someone would request the song "Cecelia" and our entire family would circle around my grandmother, Cecelia, on the dance floor.  Everyone would take turns in the middle of the circle dancing with grandma and we'd all hold hands, smile, and sing along.  I chose this as my favorite memory because I feel it shows how much our family loves and respects each other.  I love dancing and singing to most any song, but at a wedding reception, "Cecelia" is my favorite.  It makes me feel a much larger sense of joy than any of the other songs played.  Also, when I hear this song on the radio, I won't speak to anyone around me; I just sing along and remember all the wonderful times I've danced to it with my grandma and the rest of the family :o)

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  1. awe, that's SO sweet! Hearing your stories makes me wish I had a family of 120!