Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 10: A picture of the person you've done the most ****** up things with

Aaaand the winner is....MAGGIE ANN GEIGER!!
In this picture we're both trying to make a silly face without the other knowing.
Now, I wouldn't necessarily say everything Mags and I do or have done in our passed is ****** up, but I've had some pretty silly moments with her.  Although, there are some things we've done that I will not be mentioning in this blog partly because my parents have access to it :o)

Lets see, where do I start with the memories...
As kids, I remember racing our bikes around the circle driveway at the farm Maggie grew up on, pretending they were motorcycles.  We were going so fast that when Mags whipped out I was certain she broke a bone or something.  Just a scrape on the knee that her mom cleaned up and covered with a band-aide.  Then, she gave Mags a package of Twizzler Bites that she was supposed to share with me, but I'm pretty sure I got very few Twizzler Bites (you owe me! Haha).

She's better at silly faces :o)
I also remember pitching a tent in my backyard at least once every summer for several years running.  Eventually we got daring enough to sneak a couple beers from my parents basement.  It was warm and disgusting and I'm pretty sure the reason I absolutely hated beer until I was 19 or 20.  A sad story about pitching a tent in our yard occurred when Mags and I found a bunch of baby bunnies in an unused calf hutch.  The two of us plus my younger brother, Zayne, were in the tent with the bunnies when we realized one was was under Zayne.  BUT, to take your mind of a squashed bunny, here's a funny story (at least to me); I kept the bunnies in a shoe box and had them in my bedroom.  While I was at school, one of them escaped and was sitting nice and quiet on a stair when my mom came around the turn of the stairs and screamed because she thought it was a mouse. Random tangent.

Let me tell you one of the great things about being a kid on my dad's farm, there was always piles of "stuff" everywhere for playing in.  There was a period of time when my dad used pizza dough in the cow's feed.  Mags and I would take our shoes off and squish around in it, it felt pretty cool between our toes. There also used to be huge piles of cotton seed that was nice and fluffy and when a fresh load of it came in, we would climb to the top and make caves, houses, and little nooks to sit in.  We also climbed the big piles of corn or hay silage after they were covered, dodging between the tires and feeling on top of the world as if on a mountain since the horizon was a lot further out when up there.  Speaking of playing on the farm, Mags and I spent every summer together at the county fair for at least ten years, if not more.

Maggie and I have several inside jokes and endless memories that would take a long time to write about.  What I remember, though, is that I always have a good time with her and laugh a lot, sometimes to the point of tears.  She's also a person I can confide in when I'm going through a rough patch.  We understand each other in a way that I can't explain, but I suppose it stems from the countless time we've spent together (many summers we spent an average of five days a week together); and when I fly home to visit, she is usually the first person (after my parents) that I go see :o)

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