Friday, March 18, 2011

I'll be There for Yooouuuu!

Day 3: A picture of the cast of your favorite TV show

"So at like 2am I got this phone call and all I could hear was this high pitch squeaking. So I thought, ok, so it's a mouse or possum. But then I realized...where would a mouse or possum get the money to make the phone call ?!"-Phoebe Buffay

I really don't watch much tv at all, but one thing I will watch is reruns of Friends.  My sister owns all ten seasons on DVD, so when we lived together for two years I took advantage of this and watched them all
numerous times. Then, when I moved in with Tracy and Shawn for two years I got them hooked and would borrow a few season at a time from my sister.  And now I am doing the same thing with my current roommate, Megan.

There are lots of things in my every day life that remind me of episodes from the show.  For instance, every time I see a Porshe and remember the episode where Joey pretends he owns one; or every time I hear the song "Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer" and remember that Phoebe thinks the lyrics are "hold me closer Tony Danza;" I've also developed a phobia that my hair will caught in the chains of a swing set from the episode where Rachel gets mad that Ross wants to take Emma to the park because "it's a dangerous place" and she explains, holding back tears, how her hair got stuck in the chains and was uneven for weeks.

Also, every time my hair frizzes out really bad because all it does is rain in Oregon, I think how nice it would be if I could solve the problem by doing this to my hair.

One of my favorite episodes is "The One Where Ross is Fine." In the above picture Ross is hogging the second batch of Margarita's after having already drank the first batch himself.  I think of this episode every time I have fajitas and margarita's...or if the time ever arose that I was making tator tots :o)

There's only so much I can write about for today's topic, or I could make it really long and type every quote that I remember.  But I'll just stop here!  Today for my first day of Spring break I will be going for a walk & hopefully nursing my hip back to normalcy, deep cleaning the apartment (yay), and going out with friends later.  Hope you all have an excellent day :o)

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