Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 11: A Picture of Something You Hate

So, I thought real hard for a couple days about this one; which is why it is late to be posted.  I really don't like to use the word 'hate.' I think it's a really strong word and would rather say 'strongly dislike.'  I also realized I don't hate or strongly dislike all that much.  Most things are just annoyances that aren't worth my time or energy to hate.  HOWEVER, I did come up with one thing that erks me to the point of hate; I HATE when people use the phrase 'f my life.' Take Mr. Kitty above for instance.  No way is having to wear a hat and eat a piece of chocolate cake worth the phrase fml.  First of all, I would wear that hat proudly and eat that cake like a champ if I were in his position.  But kidding aside, I really don't think it is necessary to assume life is so bad that you are indeed f***ed.

An unfortunate occurrence in the past year has taught me to live life with this philosophy, "as long as everyone is alive and well, the day can be nothing worse than a bad day."  I really don't think this needs explaining, but I do think that sometimes it takes a real eye-opening, personal experience to make a person change their attitude and outlook on life.  And I can say that despite the sadness that arises from thoughts of the event referred to, I have been a more humble person and far more grateful of the life I have since then.  Despite the tragedy of the event, it has also taught me the meaning of life and importance of love and family.

Here is a little video of a song I like to dance around to when I get ready in the mornings, hope you enjoy!

It was really sunny out today.  Like really really sunny!  With a little western breeze which was perfect for working in the garden and made it even more exciting when I found little pea sprouts growing :o)  If you haven't checked out the facebook page for the garden research program I am working on you should.  It's called Producing for the Future, check it out!  As for the rest of my evening 1) holy smokes, it's already 7pm! 2) We need to find a new place for our compost container now that I have the patio door open (composting food isn't a very pleasant aroma) and 3) time to continue my new book, The Syringa Tree (pretty good so far!).

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